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Simplify your makeup routine with cosmetic powders from Pixi Beauty. Sweeping some of our lightweight powder across your skin is a fast and easy way to enhance your natural beauty. And with unique formulas designed to deliver specific results, your most flattering look is suddenly within reach. Whether you want to achieve a radiant glow, enjoy buildable foundation coverage, or quickly contour your face, you’ll find the perfect facial powder for you in this collection. Learn more about our powder makeup products and accessories to see how Pixi Beauty can streamline your everyday makeup routine. 


Cosmetic Powders You’ll Love 

Our selection of powder makeup includes a wide variety of products, each with its own unique benefits. Our Glow-y Powders are all about radiance, giving you a luminous look that highlights your best features. Top it off with H2O Skinveil for a velvety touch and porcelain effect while achieving a soft-focus finish. The powders in our makeup collection are designed to help look your most beautiful self with a fuss-free makeup routine. 


Makeup That Treats Your Skin 

At Pixi Beauty, our makeup is also skincare, so it treats skin while enhancing your natural beauty! Our natural mineral powders have a feather-light texture that never feels thick or cakey on your skin. Instead, it delivers a boost of natural components to make your skin look its best whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Our powders feature ingredients like soothing Cucumber Extract, nourishing Vitamin E, moisturizing Coconut Oil and brightening Vitamin C. If you want makeup that makes your skin better rather than just covering it up, Pixi Beauty cosmetics for your complexion is the way to go.